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photo - Esterified Trap Grease - Edited.

Is your biofuel sustainable?

Want to make a difference to our environment and planet? Are you a grease hauler that has grease no one else wants? Are you a bideisel plant looking  to displace part of your crop oil feedstock to comply with the EU Dirrective's 2030 goals?

Bottlenecks in the biodiesel feedstock supply constrains the industry's ability to expand and lower costs. Our chemical processing technology can convert waste oils into clean feedstock for biodiesel processing. The technology can reduce 100% of the Free Fatty Acids as found in waste grease down to 2%. It can be reduced further to 1% upon request. The best part? We also remove the foul odors normally associated with waste greases. Plans are in the works to build out Lëtzebuerg’s first biodiesel feedstock production plant. 

We specialize in waste fats, grease and oils processing, FOG. Our goal is to help municipalities turn a waste into a feedstock for the biofuel industry. We also have the ability to partner with existing biogas facilities, off taking the unprocessed Free Fatty Acid waste. We have a passion to keep our air clean and are here to help turn a waste into a value added fuel.

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Get To Know Us

Our Vision:

Zero impact, planetary health and seventh generation planning

Our Mission:

Through creative, effective and efficient innovation, the empowerment of our team, and a focus on customer satisfaction we can reverse carbon impact.

Lëtz Biofuels is focused on waste grease conversion to biodiesel feedstock. We can process waste grease and oils containing up to 100% Free Fatty Acids with our patented technology. Whether trap grease, brown grease or food production oils our system is design to take 100% FFA and reduce it down to only 2% FFA, with the ability to take it down to only 1% upon request. We will be doing further research to develop this feedstock into a Bio-heating oil and Bio-bunker fuel oil substitute. Call LëtzBiofuels and start adding value today!

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Our Product

LëtzBiofuel provides finished feedstock for biodiesel manufacturing with 2% or less FFA. Our 2% FFA used grease feedstock can be used as a blend with other feedstocks as a way to reduce costs and increase profit margins. Call for an appointment and see how you can help turn the world into a cleaner place.

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Waste Trap Grease

We can recycle waste greases into biodiesel feedstock. Waste greases are often incinerated, landfilled or fed into biogas systems. However, the incineration and landfill are not environmentally friendly, and the FOG in trap grease "gums up" biogas systems that rely on the nutrient rich water associated with trap grease. By letting biogas have the nutrient rich water stream and our system have the FOG it is a win-win.

photo - Esterified Trap Grease - Edited.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality testing is done at the start of each production run, and each hour there after, plus an end of run test. We test for FFA, water content, pH, and other quality checks to ensure our product is consistent and predictable.

Esterified Trap Grease No 6 fuel oil  -

Finished Feedstock

Our finished product is petroleum black, but lacks the sulfur and nitrogen associated with crude oil. Additionally, our process not only removes the sulfur, nitrogen, residues, and water, but also the chemicals that cause the foul odor associated with raw trap grease. This  creates a much more nose-friendly finished product. Our finished 2% FFA feedstock can be purchased in packages of 6 or 12 month strips by the truck load. Looking to lock in long term savings? Ask us about our 24 month subscription and the cost savings that go with it. A COA is included with each shipment.

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